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Enjoy the Spring sun!

I’ve been reading Na Síria by Agatha Christie (the original English title is Come, tell me how you live). It’s wonderful. In the thirties Agatha Christie went to the middle east with her younger husband Max Mallowan. He was an English archeologist and the story tells that when they fell in love he asked her “don’t you mind marrying a man whose work is to unbury corpses?” She replied “not all, I love corpses!”. Well, she was Agatha Christie after all. And you can see a lot of these travels in her crime and mistery books.

This is the sweet edition I’m reading, (it’s translated to Portuguese) but you can find the original version here

Just read it, it’s a wonderful journey in a exotic Siria, filled with funny encounters, fleas, tea and adventure. You’ll smile smile every step of the journey with her.

I always thought I loved all seasons. Winter has been really hard. Is it the clouds, the rain, the cold? Or it’s just a coincidence? But so many things were difficult the last months. I could make a list of cozy things to do, those that I used to love so much in the cold months, like knitting and cooking pastries, but somehow I think it was the things that I thought I would do and haven’t done that made me a little sad. I hate when little pleasures become obligations: “oh I should bake an apple pie, and homemade gifts for everyone and walk on the freezing cold night (?) and this and this.” I think most of the time we want too much. At least I from times to times, want. And that is a big mistake. When in searching for simplicity and frugality you just think it must be this or that. It’s not, believe. If it’s really simple, it’s just that: simple. I now balance my life with the question “is this really simple for me right now?”.

We also had our troubles trying to do some remodeling to our house and organization. How do other people do it? It’s really hard to have a decoration project while living there, so we are still in a work in progress (we do already have fresh painted living room walls!) and a lot of stuff we weren’t using went away.

The good stuff: I’ve completed my sample jewelry line (soon to launch). And our house is still here after a wind storm. And the fireplace (which always lifts a winter spirit!).And I saw the brightest falling star. And have loveled ones by my side. And our sweet cats. And my creativity. And free spirit. And the sea. So…like I read another day, it’s not a cliché: “Don’t let the things you want make you forget what you have”.

This amazing sky is from December, just before Christmas.